Buffet “Rechthaler Hof” in the Tölzer Stub’n

With 30 liters of the very best Ayinger lager beer in the wooden barrel for self-service

Lard and fresh cheese  served with a large bread basket with Brez’n

Beef broth with chives and fresh semolina dumplings

Oven-fresh pork roast in served in the pan – with a lot of crust,  two dumplings, apple and bacon cabbage salad

“Kaiserschmarrn” shredded pancake with roasted almonds and sugar, homemade apple sauce and delicious plums

Beverages are charged according to consumption

From 25 people upwards per person 21,90 €

Dinner like Grandma makes it

served on plate and in bowls, so everyone can help themselves to as much as they want

Duck, pork knuckle, sliced oven roasted Pork with red cabbage, cabbage salad and two types of dumplings

From 3 people upwards (please reserve in advance) per person 18,90 €